Dear music-loving customers,

St-Laurent Studio’s exciting adventure saw the light following many encouragements from passionate music-lover friends who discovered, through my transfers, a unique, previously unknown sound magic hidden in the grooves of 78s. They convinced me to make those gems available to a wider public. An important financial investment was necessary to launch the website, and to acquire many rare 78 boxsets.

The number of sales was never an issue for me when preparing a CD, even if this meant that the initial costs would not be reimbursed : from the rare signed picture, to the purchase of the discs, or simply the incalculable time of careful restoration. Only musical and historical criteria were considered, therefore making many rarities available. To me eyes, issuing a CD is justified even if only a single person orders it. 180 volumes have been issued in the span of a few years only.

All of this has been possible because of a number of people who have generously contributed  to the sound archives of YSL Studio, by allowing me access to their personal collection, or by helping to sponsor certain projects (some donators have prefered to remain anonymous).

From now on, you will be able to contribute to St-Laurent Studio by clicking on the Paypal icon designed for this particular use. You will be able to mention to which specific collection you want your money directed, or to suggest a new collection. It is a way for you to be involved and influence directly the content of the St-Laurent Studio collection! The name of the donator (donation can be monetary or by loan of material) will be mentioned in the CD booklet only if wanted.

Any help will be welcome.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 78experience@gmail.com for more details

Thank you again for your support,

Best regards,

Yves St-Laurent

Q - Is Paypal the only payment method ?

A - Paypal is our safe, secure and free way of using your credit card in our site. We also accept personnal cheques (CAN or US only) but those ones have to be cleared before processing your order. Your cheque has to be labelled to : YVES ST-LAURENT

All prices are in $ CAN.